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New Defense Minister Better Have Plan To Combat Zombie Apocalypse- Minister Of Health

The Minister of Health has stated that New Minister of Defense, whoever he will be,  better have a plan to combat a zombie apocalypse or risk getting fired just like his predecessor. “And it better be a detailed plan, complete … Continue reading

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SECURITY BRIEFING “Wait. Roll that back,” said the President, “What did you just say?” “I said: Stuff like this happens all the time. There really is no need to worry.” Answered the security chief, Gen. Izim. “All the time?” queried … Continue reading

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Breakfast Briefing “It’s downright fishy. Something is up. No man can be that satisfied with himself, Sir.” “What, exactly, are you suggesting?” Asked the President, as he stared at a very unflattering picture of himself in today’s paper. “Sir, i’m … Continue reading

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#17 The Life and Untimely Death of Solomon Yohanna

(This article contains, briefly, the true story of Solomon Yohanna, writer and Poet extraordinaire. It was written as his reward for placing the 100th comment on Mangoseason.) Solomon Yohanna was born on the 14th March 1989, a day the doctor … Continue reading

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In line with our stated objectives (viz: World domination and recognition as being really cool) we hereby annonce the winners of the first ever Mangoseason competition. The Question was: What is this man thinking? It has taken this long to … Continue reading

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And in Okutu… The small town of Okutu, Ebonyi State could have been famous for it’s fishing industry and verdant, scenic settings. Instead, the town has won notoriety for being the home to various criminals and assorted villainous characters. The … Continue reading

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in the news… Traitor in President’s Cabinet Segun Arinze pleased with himself for no good reason Kingdom not quite as happy to take P Diddy back Traitor in Cabinet The nation has been rocked with the news that there is … Continue reading

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As part of our unrelenting campaign to engage in shameless self publicity, and reward our loyal readers by showing how magnanimous we are, we’ve organized a competition in which you can win exciting prizes. This is all very exciting, we … Continue reading

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SPECIAL: Nuhu Ribadu promises to bring sexy back.

Presidential aspirant Nuhu Ribadu, has recently assured worried Nigerians that everything is under control. He did this after nationwide criticism concerning his campaign. “I can’t help but wonder if everything is ok.” criticised Faruk Musa, a Primary school teacher in … Continue reading

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PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT-Association of Nigerian Superheroes.

In line with our solemn duty and responsibility to protect and rescue people all over Nigeria, we feel compelled to make the following announcement. Please understand we are not out to cause any sort of trouble, we are a peace … Continue reading

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