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PRESIDENT’S CABINET DISCOVERED TO BE FULL OF IDIOTS In shocking news which has left the Aso Rock Security Forces bewildered and reeling from shock, the president’s cabinet has been discovered to be full of idiots. SS Chief of Operations Officer, … Continue reading

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Obvious Rhymes still on the Lookout for Illbliss Obvious Rhymes have confirmed that they are still on the lookout for Nigerian rapper, Illbliss. “We’ve been conducting this search for quite a while now, ” they said, “It’s been tough and … Continue reading

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CRIMINALS EVERYWHERE HAMPERED BY GOVERNMENTS SECURITY MEASURES Complaints are emerging across the country about the measures the federal government has put in place to deter criminal activity. “I’m not sure I’m in support,” complained Mr Ojogbu, a career thief, ” … Continue reading

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MOB STILL ON THE LOOKOUT FOR AREA YOUTH An angry mob in Makurdi, Benue state has confirmed that it is still on the lookout for local youth, Emmanuel Harris. The mob, which consists of 23 local residents, confirmed that they … Continue reading

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The avid Reader, whom this is always for, would have observed the quietude which graced our pages over the past few days. This reader, whom is quite intellectual, would have collapsed back in his chair and uttered a cry of … Continue reading

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Movie Night turns Emotional For Buhari and Friends Movie night for Buhari and friends did not turn out quite as expected as the movie, Titanic, left them shaken and in tears. “I just stood there, drenched in imeasureable sorrow,” Confided … Continue reading

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PRESIDENT GOODLUCK JONATHAN DECLARES ASSETS In what many are calling a ‘transparent and daring’ move, President Goodluck Jonathan has kept true to his word by publicly declaring his assets at a joint session of the House of Assembly yesterday. “We … Continue reading

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